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Theme for 2016: Giving All Diligence…

Giving All Diligence…
As we sail into the uncharted territory that is the year 2016, the FPCO family realizes the need to be “giving all diligence” in our devotion, our dedication, and our direction concerning the work of the church. While we are well aware that we live in tempestuous and uncertain times, our faith remains unshaken, and our focus is sharp:

–To attentively seek the presence of God in our midst.

–To be attuned to the purposes of God in our daily lives.

–To be actively engaged in the work of God in our mission field.

Our first step in “giving all diligence” to prepare ourselves as clean vessels through which God can effectively pour out His Power and Grace. To this end we have committed ourselves to 21 Days of Dedication in the month of January. These 21 Days of Dedication include a church-wide Daniel Fast (or Diet of Dedication), doubling up in prayer, and pursuing a refreshing and renewal of each member’s personal Pentecost!

We are striving to be ready for whatever God chooses to lead us into by way of revelation, harvest, and miracles. Our deep desire is for FPCO to be the direct link back to the Book of Acts that people can follow to find the reality of Apostolic anointing and Spirit empowered living in the 21st century. Now would be a great time to come and join us on this journey!

– Pastor Paul Sibley