Sunday Morning 10:30am
Sunday Evening 7:00pm
Wednesday Evening 7:15pm

It’s A God Thing!

Reverend & Mrs Steve Zorich with Pastor & Mrs Paul Sibley

       The weekend of July 18-­19 was a landmark occasion for FPCO! It began with a week of prayer & fasting to prepare for receiving the Word of God. Then, on Sunday & Monday, we were signally blessed by the evangelistic ministry of Rev. Steve Zorich, from Tyler, Texas. We now know it was a divine intersection that brought Brother Zorich our way at this particular time and we thank God for it!

       In his own unique style, Brother Zorich revealed how we can “Fight Fire With Fire” in addressing issues that inhibit our faith in God. Each service witnessed a tremendous visitation of the Spirit. The highlight was on Monday night, when God so wonderfully filled yet another soul with His sweet Holy Spirit. The impact of faith building ministry, and the heartfelt response to it, will have a lasting impact on this body of believers!

       We are already anticipating our next scheduled service with Brother Zorich: Monday, July 27, @ 7:30pm. We invite you to join us for this meeting! You will be blessed!

Pastor Sibley and Reverend Zorich celebrate the infilling of the Holy Spirit with Bro Jones.